Workplace Mediation

Right Mediation offer highly trained competent and experienced mediators, who can offer a speedy and effective service. With a success rate of 96%, we operate throughout the North West and the Midlands.

Some of the causes of conflict in the workplace have been identified as:

Does this sound familiar?

Disputes in the workplace are disruptive and costly. Mediation offers a quick, non-adversarial way to resolve conflict. The process usually only takes one day. A mediator will see the parties separately at the beginning of the day and then arrange a meeting on the same day where all the issues can be discussed in a safe confidential environment.

Government guidelines in the Gibbons report encourage more use of dispute resolution in the workplace through mediation. It is proven as a successful method of resolving conflict and helps build communication and respect, which is very important if employees want to continue to work together.