Mediation Training

- A 5 day course accredited at both OCNWMR level 2 and 3:
      Unit 1 - An Introduction to Mediation;
      Unit 2 - Preparing for a Mediation;
      Unit 3 - Managing a Mediation Session. For more information click here

Family Group Conference (FGC) Training

- This 3 day course is accredited by OCNWMR at level 3.
      It focuses on the FGC model and the related legalities,
      preparing the family for an FGC and motivating them to make
      positive changes. For more information click here

Conflict Resolution Training

- A 3 day course accredited at level 2 and 3.
      Trains front line workers in early intervention to prevent conflict
      escalating. For more information click here

Training Venue Locations

For a list of training venues click here