Community Mediation

Community mediation is also known neighbour mediation. Community conflict can cause an enormous amount of stress and tension. The impact of a neighbour dispute creates a cost to services such as housing, police, and environmental health, and also has a great impact on people's health.

Mediation is a quick and non-confrontational way of resolving disputes. It is confidential and facilitated by an impartial third party.

Right Mediation has a vast amount of experience in community mediation and working with social landlords and councils throughout the Midlands and the North West. We pride ourselves in being able to successfully deal with the more difficult entrenched cases and providing a quality, affordable service.

All our mediators are trained to at least OCN level 3, and also bring with them a host of experience and professionalism. Right Mediation's expertise includes working with diverse communities and multiple mediations which can involve streets and even whole communities.

When working with difficult and entrenched neighbour disputes we recognise that not everyone wants to meet formally in a room, and so we offer: