Conflict Resolution / Restorative Justice

Right Mediation staff are trained in a variety of restorative justice models and can offer a bespoke approach to dealing with conflict.

Conflict Resolution / Restorative Justice interventions we work with are:
    Whole streets;
    Blocks of flats;
    Anti-social behaviour with groups of young people congregating;
    Conflicts involving elements of mental health, drugs and alcohol;
    Cultural clashes (new arrivals);

Right Mediation are able to reduce the cost of conflict in the community, saving organisations and officers time, legal costs, and staff stress (sickness).
By the use of our conflict resolution intervention, for every pound spent on trying to reduce conflict, five pounds is saved. This also helps with the cost to the wider community, e.g. Health, Police, Social Services and community cohesion.

Tower Block
Valued tenants leaving the block or street can contribute to the area becoming a "Sink Estate".